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Reader getvalue example
Reader getvalue example

Reader getvalue example

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reader example getvalue

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The following example iterates through all the columns within the current row in a private static void GetAllValues(DataTableReader reader) { // Given a Feb 6, 2014 - To accomplish this, it seems that the GetValues method would return what I need, For a sample on how to use SqlDataReader, see this link. Preliminary steps are required before using SqlDataReader on a database table. Note. Example. Open(); try { SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader(); reader.Read(); In the following example, a simple user interface allows users to look for employees . The example shows how to retrieve several fields at once. The following code snippets are If your reader is using an OleDbDataReader, we use the reader.Item function. IsDBNull(), Returns Open(); cmd = new SqlCommand(sql, cnn); reader = cmd.ExecuteReader(); while (reader.Read()) { MessageBox.Show(reader.GetValue(0) + " - " + reader. and add it to the array; another way is to use the GetValues method. These steps require configuration on your part. You must targetDec 28, 2011 - Log.WriteLine("Value of CompanyName column:" + thisReader["CompanyName"]); [Visual Basic] Overrides Public Function GetValues( _ ByVal values() As Object _ ) As Integer Example. Feb 14, 2008 - Starting with the 0 index, you may use the GetValue() Function. GetValue(), Returns the value of field data by ordinal number. Here is a C# example: if (reader["lastname"] ! C# .NET The SqlDataReader Class properties, methods, and examples. The following example demonstrates using a correctly sized array to read all Given a SqlDataReader, use the GetValues // method to retrieve a full row of data.
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